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Let’s face it, afternoons are hard! Your body is likely digesting lunch and needing a snooze, but you’ve still got so. much. to. do. 


We’ve got just the herbs you need to ignite your afternoon with a special blend designed to give you the gentle (yet effective) mood shift you need to zoom through the afternoon—without drinking yet another cup of coffee, overdoing the sweet treats or falling asleep on the job. 


Flavor Profile: 

🍵Earthy, rich and aromatic

Primary Benefits:
☀️ Uplift | Recharge | Focus


21 tea bags - Follow our 21-day routine or drink as needed

Afternoon Madness

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
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£11.99every month until canceled
One-time purchase
  • Boost energy, improve mood and focus the mind to tackle whatever the afternoon may bring.

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