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Nootropic & 
Adaptogenic Products
For Mental Wellbeing ✨

We’re here to help make supporting mental health mainstream 


THEENK was born to support mental health in all of those moments. 


✨To keep you sharp, focused, and balanced, even when things feel really hard. 


✨To promote ingredients that produce a bigger list of benefits than side effects. 


✨ Our tea blends may live in a different cabinet, but we consider them super supplements that go beyond the normal comforting cuppa. 


Formulated by a clinical herbalist and nutritionist to bring you more energy, calm, focus, and relaxation any time of day. 💛

Life can be challenging and messy and beautiful, with curveballs that throw us off our balance and keep us on our toes. 

How it Started: A New Way Of THEENKing About Mental Health


Hi  👋🏽  I’m Karolina. 

At 18 I realized I needed support for my anxiety and depression. 

I was overwhelmed with deadlines, exams, and work—it all felt like too much. 

Like so many, I was prescribed antidepressants and while I found some relief from my symptoms, I also experienced a lot of side effects.  I knew this probably wasn’t a long-term solution for me. That’s where my interest in holistic health and natural medicine, combined with my curious mind, got me thinking…

Why don’t we prioritize mental health like we do physical health? After all, we’re more anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, and burned out than ever before and that’s taking a toll on our overall health. 

As I scrolled Instagram and was bombarded by ads for products promising ‘28 day weight loss,’ tea-toxes, and ‘get your dream beach body’ pills I decided that was it.

Enough was enough.

I dove in and began to dream up products that fit easily into people’s lives (who doesn’t love tea), wasn’t another pill, and was truly informed by nature to target specific needs each day. 


After all, the mood and health support we need at different times of the day varies. When we get up we may need an energy jolt, mid-day a little brain boost, and in the evening, something to help us unwind and relax. 


So began a deep dive into the remarkable worlds of biohacking, holistic approaches to mental health, and herbal remedies; including adaptogens + nootropics.



With the insight of both a clinical herbalist and a nutritionist, I created THEENK to tap back into the healing powers of nature—utilizing ingredients that help the body resist and adapt to stressors while increasing focus and relaxation.


At THEENK, we’re passionate about and dedicated to crafting products that support mental health on a daily basis. We hope you’ll try us out and love hearing your feedback!

Karolina x

Our Sustainability + Ingredients Commitment

We take health seriously, for both people and the planet. That’s why we don’t skimp on sourcing the best ingredients and ensure that we’re not adding more waste where it’s not needed.


1 box = 1 tree planted


Plastic-free packaging


Compostable Tea Bags + Wrappers


Each ingredient we use is thoughtfully-sourced and blended by our herbalist. We don’t use fillers or other nasty stuff inside that you may often find in supplements and tea. To make sure you get only the absolute best in your cuppa we do a wide range of testing at 3rd party labs for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, allergens, & microbial contaminants. We don’t use any cheap fillers, flavourings or anything that doesn't belong in our bodies. 

We believe in long-lasting honest relationships with our suppliers and we're obsessively picky when it comes to quality. That's why all of our products are manufactured in the UK by our lovely team. From the farm to the teabag - we take care of every step of the process to give you the best you can possibly get which is exactly what your body deserves. 

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