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Corporate Wellness

We're here to support your employees' mental wellness.

Research has shown that £14bn working days were lost in 2020 due to stress, anxiety and mental health alone(Westfield Health).

Coupled with this, 70% of employers highlighted the challenge of ensuring staff were staying well both physically and mentally while working remotely
(People Management and CIPD).

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10 of the Best Employee Wellness Experiences to Gift throughout 2022 by

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Time to up your corporate wellbeing game

A lot has changed since 2020 including the way we think about our mental wellbeing. 8 out of 10 people view mental health as equally important to physical health. That means that access to tools that support your team's mental wellness should be as easy as access to a gym membership and other perks. 

Corporate Wellness Programs | Theenk Tea | London, UK

Our products have been expertly formulated to improve mood, focus, and creativity and bring inner peace at the same time.  A combination of adaptogens and nootropics helps improve cognitive function while also helping the body and mind adapt to stress in the long term.

How can you involve us?

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Add THEENK to your office pantry for everyday balance

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Have us come to your HQ to brighten up your employees' day by serving them some THEENK

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