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Where magic meets science ✨

Our products are full of powerful, active substances that take time to work their full magic in the body. How will you feel during your time with THEENK? We have included the full breakdown below. But first things first, let's learn how to use THEENK for maximum benefits.

With Theenk tea, it does exactly what it says on the tin! I use the 21-day program and have it on a subscription so that there is no chance of me forgetting to order it. Due to adrenal and anxiety issues, I would often wake in the morning feeling unrefreshed but with my Morning Glory, I definitely have more energy and am ready for the day! I try to drink it in the garden before the children wake up so I can enjoy it fully and set my intention for the day. After a busy day of school runs and working, my energy levels and mood would dip mid-afternoon and this has totally been reversed with the Afternoon Madness. I drink it each day (I take it in a flask to work so that it is all ready for the afternoon). Then the Evening Delight helps calm my mind of the million things on my to do list to help me wind down. I often have it whilst doing my journalling and meditation before bed—the perfect bedtime routine! Basically, I love all of them and know that they are helping support my journey to wellness!

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Louise, 46

Self Employed Professional Organiser and Life Coach


Why 21 Days? 


According to an old-age belief, 21 days is the time it takes to start creating a healthy habit. On top of that drinking THEENK for 21 days leaves a week each month to give the body a rest ( more on it below).

So how do you use THEENK?

1. Use consistently: unlike western medications, these are natural substances that take time to reach peak potency. The more consistently you fill your cup, the more you’ll feel the benefits.


2. Three weeks on, one off: Herbalists recommend using these potent formulas for three weeks at a time, followed by a one-week rest period. Science (and a history of use) has shown that a break from consuming adaptogens and nootropics is the best way to see the biggest benefits and let the herbs take effect in the body this break is automatically built into your subscription.

3. Follow the eating plan: Eating foods that support the body can have a huge impact on mood, energy, and brain function. Start a food journal and see how far you’ve come in just 21 days!

What's in it for you?

It's no secret that one lesson is not enough to learn Italian or that one multivitamin won't build your immune system, right? Most adaptogens take 10-14 days on average to begin to work. However, some of our active ingredients (especially nootropics) can be felt immediately. Just like learning a new language, becoming a karate master or climbing Mount Everest where the regular practice is key, the longer you use our potent formulas, the better results you'll witness.


Here's how you might feel on THEENK 👇

After 1 week of use

The mixture of Yerba Mate and Jiaogulan may boost your energy, focus and mood in the morning. Schisandra Berry and Jiaogulan improve focus and energy (sans jitters) in the afternoon. Passiflora and Chamomile help you unwind and get a good night sleep in the evening.




After 21 days of use


The adaptogens and nootropics are now fully at work. Apart from the short-term benefits described above, around this time you might start noticing small improvements to mood, less fatigue, and decreased brain fog. 

*Remember to take one week off once you hit 21 days.




After 3 months of use



This is where the magic really begins to happen as these incredible ingredients go to work on deeper levels.   


One of the biggest shifts we see in long-term adaptogen use is in stress response. Much like their name suggests, adaptogens support the body in ‘adapting’ to stress, in turn, helping you maintain energy and performance in intense moments. At this time you may also notice an improvement in memory and learning and faster recall - that’s nootropics at work.




After 1 year of use




By now you should be feeling the full power of adaptogens and nootropics, aka, really awesome! You will start to notice that your response to stress has changed for the better. Because your body will not be constantly shooting out high doses of cortisol anymore, you should see a great improvement in your overall health and well-being. 


Long-term use of nootropics supports neuroplasticity responsible for the learning of new skills and the reinforcement of existing skills and memories. You should be able to recall situations and facts faster, learn new skills more quickly and notice your overall memory improve.


As you can see, consistency is the easiest way to get the most benefits over time. Get a THEENK subscription to save money and never run out of your favorite blends. 



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