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Ancient Plants for
Modern Minds

Find your flow state and support mental health in just one cup, morning, noon, or night

The pill-free kind of supplement

Our award-winning supplement tea sachets tap back into the healing powers of nature — utilizing ingredients that help the body resist and adapt to stressors while increasing focus and relaxation. Each cup is filled with potent plants in their natural form instead in another pill.

 Now you can have your favourite cuppa and support your mind at the same time. 

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No Nasties, Just Nature

Ingredients your body
recognizes + loves

Herbalist developed and super tasty warm or poured over ice

1 set sold = 1 tree planted

+ compostable packaging

 Delicious, Balanced Flavours

Planet + People Friendly

Kind Words From Smart THEENKers

Adaptogens and Nootropics for Balance + Focus + Energy + Sleep + Mindfullnes + Pause

All Day Support

Tired, unfocused, need to chill? There’s a THEENK blend for that. Experience maximum benefits with our 21-day subscription program.

- David

“ I absolutely love this tea. My morning is fresh, focused, and alive when I drink Morning Glory, and it tastes delicious!” 

- David

"Just made another cup and the 'Afternoon Madness' is amazing! Just what I need to calm the tension in my head, from excessive computer use"

- Manatita

"Evening Delight helps me wind down for a good night's sleep. Great tasting, beneficial and soothing. I find THEENK tea far superior to all other herbal teas I have tried."

- Karen


Want the most benefits for your overall health? 

Subscribe to our 21-Day Program (includes all three blends), or subscribe to your favorite single blend (am, afternoon, or evening).

Why subscribe?

Unlike medicines, adaptogens and nootropics take some time to work in the body. According to an old-age belief, 21-days is the time it takes to start creating a healthy habit. On top of that, drinking THEENK for 21 days leaves a week each month to give the body a rest.


A subscription makes it easy to keep up your new routine.

Our most complete product includes:

all 3 adaptogenic & nootropic blends
21-day mind-balancing eating plan

A habit tracker

A comprehensive welcome guide

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Select Morning Glory, Afternoon Madness or Evening Delight and

we’ll ship it to you at just the right time to stay consistent and get the most benefits.

Want to choose a single THEENK blend to get on repeat?
It’s easy!

21 days on, 7 days off. £1.42 / day

Drink when you need to or follow the 21-day routine.