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Los tés son deliciosos! :) Hay una variedad dependiendo de lo que uno necesita durante el día. Rico sabor y una linda cajita!



Forget about coffee, energy drinks and all the other stuff.
Theenktea is right choice to keep your mind awake and full of energy. Highly reccomended!! Check it by yourself


David Johnson

There are a lot of different products out there that say they can give your mind a boost when you need it, but not many that actually look at balancing out your wellbeing as a whole. What I found great about Theenk teas is the combination of herbal teas to aid the mind, and the dietary plan that's in place to complement that.

I tried the 21 days pack from Theenk, and definitely noticed a difference in how I was feeling. My clarity was improved, in a very different way to what you would find with coffee or energy drinks (of which I am not a fan). There's a subtler note to it that also feels more effective. Not an enforced energy, but an improvement in thinking.

Coupled with the dietary plan that comes with the pack, it's all there to put your body and mind in a good place.

My advice would be to give it a try and stick with the program. You'll probably find you'll be ordering your second box afterwards.



As a Nutritionist and tea lover, I'm always looking for products that remain as natural as possible - Theenk Tea is exactly that. I loved the properties of the teas, specially the evening delight, because it helped me to unwind and get a better sleep. Also, the 21-day box helps you to get back on track with healthy eating habits - that's a bonus! Because of its natural ingredients and properties, I highly recommend Theenk-tea.



Theenk Tea is a total game changer. I absolutely loved the program, and quickly began looking forward to each cup every day. Not only does it contain powerful herbs that support the body holistically, it also ensures you are drinking enough water every day. Hydration is crucial for a healthy body! The night time tea is my favorite (it tastes heavenly) and I swear I slept better because of it. I will be ordering the 3 month program for sure!



Nowadays there are hundreds of teas available on the market. Somehow, THEENK TEA managed to produce something completely unique, unlike any other product out there! I also love the fact that it’s completely natural, no artificial flavours, no nothing, just herbs. Everyone is different and our bodies work differently at various times of each day, that’s another reason why I tried the program. At first, I thought that having to drink the tea 3 times a day may be difficult especially if you’re busy, but it is possible, and definitely worth your time! I loved the taste and I really did feel the difference while I was doing this program. I loved the balanced energy it gave me, unlike the empty caffeine rush feeling. I’m also a huge fan of the packaging, so creative! Highly recommended.



Loved it!!! Theenk-tea!